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Sandeep Murder: Sandeep murder: Police return in five minutes

Thiruvalla, First Published Dec 8, 2021, 8:10 AM IST

Thiruvalla: CPM Peringara local secretary PB Sandeep’s murder case (Sandeep Murder) The police returned within five minutes. The accused in the case, Yuva Morcha leader Jishnu Raghu, Pramod Prasannan, Nandu Ajith, Mansoor and Vishnukumar were produced before DYSP T Rajappan at 2 pm yesterday. The police asked Sandeep how he managed to get Sandeep to the cut stone.

But the people turned on the accused. Women were at the forefront of the protest. They shouted at the accused. The first and fifth accused Jishnu and Vishnu were brought together in chains. Mansoor, a native of Kasargod, was taken out of a jeep. He then restored the crowd and completed the measures in five minutes and returned.

The fifth accused brought Vishnu to his head in the evening and took evidence. The sword was recovered from here. The locals objected to the accused’s claim that the murder was due to clear animosity towards Sandeep. The locals said that the accused Jishnu had no personal grudge against Sandeep and that what they were saying was a lie. The name of the fourth accused, Faisal Mansoor, is yet to be ascertained. The police will go to Kasargod with him today. Police have found that the name Faisal, which he first mentioned, was fake. He now says his real name is Mansoor.

Vishnu Sandeep murder case: Police have crucial evidence that the phone call was his own

The probe team has received more evidence in the murder of CPM Peringara local secretary PB Sandeep Kumar. The fifth accused Vishnu admitted that the phone message that came out after the murder was his. The fourth accused Mansoor will be brought to Kasargod today to give evidence. During interrogation in the custody of the investigation team, all the five accused gave crucial information. The phone conversation of the fifth accused Vishnu is considered to be the most important piece of evidence available at present. The conversation was that Sandeep was killed by the current accused and only three people would go to jail. Mithun, a native of Changanassery, was also mentioned. The police investigation has also found that he is also an accused in criminal cases.

Mithun had assisted the accused in the Sandeep murder case in several previous cases. His brother has also been in jail with the accused. Scientific test results of phone conversations are available. Meanwhile, the fifth accused seized deadly weapons including a sword from Vishnu’s house. According to police, Sandeep was killed by a five-member gang while he was absconding after being convicted in a kidnapping case in Ettumanoor. The accused had rented a room in Thiruvalla Kuttur to abduct and beat up Arun, a native of Harippad. Arun was abducted on behalf of Ratheesh, who had helped the accused to abscond in Karuvatta.

Ratheesh, who is currently in remand in Alappuzha, has also been booked in the Sandeep murder case. The investigation team is going to Kasargod with him to find out more about Mansoor who misled the police by giving a false address. PB Sandeep, CPM Peringa local secretary, was killed last week. Sandeep was killed by a gang led by Yuva Morcha panchayat president Jishnu. The CPM later accused him of being an RSS.

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