Sanders wins, the base argues

“I’m delighted to bring you some really good news.” When Bernie Sanders steps in front of his supporters in the Texas city of San Antonio in the evening, he can be clearly seen the satisfaction. The fact that the 78-year-old campaigner has already left the state of Nevada at this point is not intended to prevent him from fully savoring the victory he achieved there. “Here is the future first lady of the United States,” calls the Vermont senator, pointing to his wife Jane, who stands next to him, visibly moved.

According to consistent forecasts, Sanders clearly won in Nevada at the time of his speech. The former Vice President Joe Biden, the young Pete Buttigieg, the two Senators Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar, the businessman Tom Steyer and the deputy Tulsi Gabbard, who was already completely behind him, followed at a large distance. Once again, they all had no chance against the left Sanders, who now leads the field of Democrats in the pre-election marathon comparatively clearly.

The satisfaction in Sanders’ speech of victory is certainly also a reaction to the anger of the past few days. The recent revelations of the Washington Post had made him angry. According to this, the Russian government is not only trying repeatedly to help Republican Donald Trump this year, but also to disrupt the Democratic primary. And to achieve this goal, Moscow especially wants to support Sanders, the newspaper reported, citing apparently well-informed sources.

Sanders: Russia tries to “split the Americans”

He had received a briefing from security officials “about a month ago,” Sanders said when faced with the report. This in turn raised the question of why the senator had not made the findings made available to him earlier.


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