Sandra Dewi reveals the reason for not continuing her relationship with her ex-boyfriend

JAKARTA, – Before becoming the wife of businessman Harvey Moeis, a acting artist Sandra Dewi once dated a man whom she judged to be very suitable.

Unfortunately the lover has different beliefs with him.

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However, Sandra decided not to continue her relationship with marriage. Sandra said, her ex-lover had asked her to convert.

On the one hand, he also felt uncertain because at that time he was already past 30 years.

“My fear is very big, especially when I’m already that much. To be honest as a human, I’m afraid, tomorrow, tomorrow there will be something like this,” said Sandra Dewi, quoted from the YouTube channel Daniel Mananta Network, Thursday (24/9/2020) .

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According to Sandra, at that time she rarely found a male figure like her former lover.

“If I move after my life, it’s safe, calm, and peaceful. But my life is calm and peaceful when I pray according to what I believe,” said Sandra Dewi.

Sandra chose to stick to the belief that she had always believed.

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“I imagine if I can’t pray to the God I believe in, who has saved me many times from situations and situations that might be unsafe, not good, whether my life will feel comfortable,” said Sandra Dewi.

Sandra gave an example, when he migrated to Jakarta to study and started a career as an artist, he initially lived alone without a family.

“There’s no him (former), I can still live, but if there isn’t God I can’t live, that’s for sure. Well, humans can betray us, God or not,” said Sandra Dewi.


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