Sani – Jennifer Kim is close with Mount because they look at everyone as customers.

Sani Nipaporn – Jennifer Kim, a couple to reveal their close friendship Raised as an ideal daughter view everyone as a customer There is no way to be deceived by men. It’s so beautiful that men can still pay women. Why can’t we pay men?

New Generation’s Cheeky Female Idol that has the same habits as printed out For the young singers Sani Nipaporn and Jennifer Kim, who recently (28 June 2021) open their hearts through the talk show, with PK Piyawat and Boom Supaporn as MCs about their closeness. until he raised his eyebrows saying that Sani was the ideal daughter.

Sani - Jennifer

How can you stay close?

Kim : Work together. When we work with someone, we can see who they really are. What we see is not just when we talk. It will see when he talks to the team around him. He was a person who was considerate of everyone. good talk to everyone It’s rare for people to respect everyone, not see themselves as famous. like when we work with him what time do we answer He will know what the item will bring. He goes that way and it’s fun.

Are the other characters that look at Sani differently? Because P’Kim talks like Sani is a neat person. But the character is a tough guy?

Kim : It’s a character that talks to friends. because the target group is people of the same age group or younger than him If they listened to people like us, they would be bored and lazy to listen. But if you come to yell Use the words under the navel to talk to each other. It’s like friends talking to each other. like being friends with the audience Sani is in that mode.

How was Sani meeting P’Kim for the first time?

Sani : In the past, Sani worked in a pub. Pick up the song of Phi Kim to sing all the time. Going to study acting, P’Kim is always talked about. When we haven’t met yet, we feel Why do we look like we’re following in the footsteps of this woman? Everything is similar I feel so cute I met the real person from what I used to think that P’ Kim is a fierce person, has a taciturn style. When working with him, P’Kim is actually a fun person. He’s a full-fledged person who has talked before. It’s no wonder why people around me say Ni is like P’Kim. You can be like Kim.

P’Kim gave Sani the ideal daughter?

Kim : Actually is the ideal daughter. Outside, I feel that I can sell, can serve, look at everyone as a customer. arrogance against men good survival The person who spoke like this survived well. No man can deceive. life is not heartbreaking Even though inside is a gentle person who loves his mother He talks to his mother because every time Mae Sani will say that she is very lucky that her daughter loves her even this much. We want a daughter like this. like this kid



Does arrogance really make you close faster?

Sani : Really, actually here means We talk, we know what the limit is. When we play like we are in the same team People say that similar people tend to get together.

Kim : behind the scenes to talk about life The background is actually funny and fun.

Sani : It’s very strange. The screen is fun. We also have rice. Behind the camera, talk to each other, how to save money, what to invest, what to build

Brother Kimpei, the younger generation, is it true?

Kim : Don’t call a junior, call a child, you have to call pay. When I go with my friends, we are older than it. we feed it

Raising a group or alone?

Kim : don’t specify the number It’s better to call it a season, come early, go fast, don’t raise anything else. She will call me mother. Whenever you want to meet someone did not eat I haven’t sent money for months. See you and we’ll treat you to rice. Whichever one is suitable, buy it. We want his life to be better. If one day stop dating He will remember that he may not love this woman. But he met the best Regardless of eating, taking care Men can also pay women. Why can’t we pay men?

Sani - Jennifer

Sani - Jennifer

What is the length of a season?

Kim : Most of them have never been more than 3 months because they run out of budget. Annie has a boyfriend It just disappeared.

Does Sani follow in P’Kim’s footsteps?

Sani : with a child version of Sani Sani’s pay Sani’s mother is the one who collects all the money. People like to ask if I pay men. We don’t know where to get the money to pay. because all our money is given to my mother We pay only for the face. taking care of yourself I have to admit that I’m 36 years old. It’s quite old. Many of my friends are married. As of today we work, we pay what we want. If we get better, things will follow.

So beautiful, is there someone to adopt?

Sani : But before the previous episode has not changed. Now the page has changed and no one asks for it. Then tell me, can I take care of you? But he didn’t say the amount. The first shot asked me to eat at the mall. and want to buy something to buy Just swipe the card. And if after that ok then continue. Asked if we wanted it that day, we wanted it very much, but we didn’t want to be ashamed of the old face. I thought in my heart that he was serious with us or not. because we’ve been bullied by other people He was joking with us for sure. Ask if there is a way to not act like a Lieutenant. There is because our character is not like that. we can take care of ourselves

What would Sani want to add?

Sani : I want to make a chin because my physiognomy has a short face, I’m afraid to die quickly, so I want to make a chin.

Sani - Jennifer

how is sani love Do you have a boyfriend, male or female?

Sani : We are still in the lgbtq group, still happy to look at beautiful women. We don’t like women or men at all. Still can’t answer. Talking to anyone feels good. There is no mental burden on each other, that’s ok and still can’t answer the future. because it might end up with a woman No one knows, very difficult to answer.

Is there anyone to talk to today?

Sani : As of today, I’m 36 years old, if I want to talk, I’ll say it myself. Some matters are personal and well kept. When there are a lot of people who know each other, quarrel, delete photos, they do not post because they are afraid that the customer will disappear.

A woman or a man?

Sani : talk to the man now But there were a lot of women to talk to. That is, women are not serious if they go to all 3 people, which they are not addicted to. because it’s not wrong in sex is to talk and respect

Is it true that in life I have never been heartbroken?

Sani : In fact, I used to shed tears for love, not because of a broken heart. but wasted because of the waste of time It’s a pity what parents remind us that this person is not good. Sad that he left, but sad that he didn’t believe his parents. We are never heartbroken, never sorrowful because we have done our best.

Sani - Jennifer

What lessons did Kim learn from love?

Kim : Our love should not be attached to it. Why would you want to tie your happiness to someone’s leg? Why not make yourself happy? It’s trial and error. in the understanding

Have you ever been fascinated by the colors of the industry?

Sani : Never, because there are no popular songs. I have no right to be narcissistic or dazzling that I’ve never been a famous singer. But the person who has the right is Phi Kim. Talk to people who know

Kim : Those eras were night singers, we would be pressed. At the point where there is a wad up We will be a little about money. with people who are not The fee form must be like this. But at a certain point, about the cost, it’s enough to talk about it. Everything has flexibility to survive. A famous singer is like winning the lottery. Night singers can see them all because they’ve seen a lot of abuse. By the day of Leng, he couldn’t linger.

Saw that a psychopath sent a secret message?

Sani : Sending that he is doing business every time, morning, noon, evening, as a picture, I think we are fans, send pictures of us. There are many foreigners. Some Indonesians, some Vietnamese, some Indonesian models, they type well and say hello. When we don’t answer, they start sending the upper part and start sending the lower part. Sometimes he asked us to send the picture back and we sent the picture of the abyss. Some retaliation Sometimes they say back to their own shows.

Sani - Jennifer

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