Sanitary restrictions – Between prohibited and authorized purchases, it’s the puzzle

Between the new rules in shops and the duration of the pandemic, the Swiss are finding it increasingly difficult not to see inconsistencies everywhere.

Keep your feet warm? Yes, and in all sizes and colors. On the other hand, too bad for the neck and the head.

Nicolas Righetti /

“Ah, this linen must be carrying the Covid, that must be why I cannot buy it.” Sure networks, Internet users strangle themselves around barred shelves, open or closed shops. Indeed, unlike the first semi-confinement, exceptions have almost become the rule. In several shopping centers, it is the incomprehensible play of warning tapes and rolls of tape.

The precise rules are set out in Annex 2 of the Federal Council’s ordinance on measures to combat the epidemic and it is no small task to put in place. To make matters worse, between the traders who apply the instructions to the letter, those who do not understand them and those who refuse to be zealous, this bazaar is taking on a little more importance.

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