Sanremo 2021, the report cards of the cover evening: we hope that Jovanotti was watching Netflix, we postpone Gio Evan on Instagram

There was music that night in the club: piano and violin, played by two women with hard faces and short hair. The song was Over the Waves and I watched her dance. Ah, no. There is the cover evening of the Sanremo 2021 Festival tonight, and there are report cards to do. Let it be said, you don’t vote for songs but their execution. Arrangement and exhibition.

If you open with Lucio From, then you’re screwed. Almost. How much beauty it has brought to this world. Thank you.

But then Giuliano Sangiorgi makes an appreciable monologue, which talks about songs. And sing Wonderful. It does not promote the Negramaro. And that’s okay, good. By the way, which song.

Noemi with Neffa. Before leaving. It is one of those songs that make you understand many things, for example that Neffa is one who ‘knows’. And he has always known about it, from I Messaggeri della dopa onwards. Well together: this piece was not damaged during this execution. 7-

Fulminacci with Valerio Lundini and Roy Paci. Think positive. Sure. had he had this song, in the race, it would have been a positive coup. But the stage presence and the energy of the “original ‘Jova Lorenzo Cherubini from Cortona he doesn’t even see them if you put them in front of him in a blow-up. And then, Lundini, why? 5

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