Santa Fe drew 1-1 with Jaguares: goals, result, match report | Liga Betplay 2020 today | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

Independiente Santa Fe increased his undefeated in the 2020 League to ten games: this Monday, at the close of date 13, he drew a 1-1 draw visiting Jaguares de Córdoba. Two goals were seen in the Jaraguay stadium, in Montería, in a game that was happy and lively.

From the start of the game, the bet of the two teams was to play an open match, without speculation, at ground level, playing and with dynamics. Both teams shared possession of the ball, but neither created clear scoring chances. Neither Robinson Zapata nor Leandro Castellanos had to demand much of themselves; perhaps ‘Rufay’ was seen in one, which he rejected after a Fabián Sambueza post, nothing more.

In the second part there were more emotions. Santa Fe had more presence in the rival field and after 8 minutes of the complementary part (53 ‘) the goal came: it was touched by Sambueza, Kelvin Osorio and Daniel Giraldo, who took a strong, tempered shot at the right angle of’ Rufay ‘. 0-1 and the cardinal was second momentarily.

At 60, Jonathan Herrera was booked in Santa Fe; The young man acted as a left back without being his natural position, and with the card on top, he conditioned his game. Jaguares understood it and from that moment he sought to attack through that sector.

At 70, Jhon Stiwar García entered to refresh the Jaguares attack, and two minutes later he was celebrating the tie. It arose in a loss of the ball by Herrera in Santa Fe, quick play on the right of the local, Wílder Guisao reached the bottom line and sent a center to the small area, in which García anticipated Castellanos to define a taco: great goal for the 1-1.

The final minutes were more for Santa Fe, who pushed and almost took the victory in an action from Patricio Cucchi. The tie was just a marker in jaraguay, with Santa Fe remaining in third place and with ten games without losing; and a Jaguares that shows good play, but is sixteenth in the table.


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