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Although has achieved fame thanks to his songs that have led him to become one of the best the he has known how to keep his feet on the ground and has never forgotten his roots.

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Proof of this is that he always goes to the place where he was born and grew up, a fact that is highlighted by his millions of followers, who highlight his humility; and it is not for less, well the he grew up in a family with limited economic resources, of which he feels proud and is not ashamed.

Due to the money he now has, the singer bought his mother a luxurious house outside his neighborhood, but that does not mean that he has forgotten about him, his family and his neighbors, whom he helps pursue their dreams.

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Although many people know the artistic career and current sentimental life of the with his , some do not know where it comes from. If you are one of them; Next, we will detail it for you.

The rapper always remembers the place where he was born and is very proud of it (Photo: Santa Fe Klan / Instagram)


The real name of the artist is who He was born and raised in the Santa Fe neighborhood, located in the middle of the Guanajuato hill, specifically where “The corner of pain” is., between colorful houses, graffiti and lonely alleys. It is known that this place has 194,500 inhabitants.

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In this neighborhood there are some neighbors who still lack basic services, but they all struggle to get ahead, something that motivated the interpreter of “Varias madrugadas” since he was little to take his stage name in honor of her: .

The young man born on November 29, 1999 makes that place resonate on several occasions in his songs. In addition, he takes photos in “The corner of pain”, where you can see the landscape.

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“This is the corner where pain abounds”, the legend of this image (Photo: Santa Fe Klan / Instagram)

Proud of their roots

The rapper, author of “Vuelve María”, is very grateful to his family, so he is going to visit his neighbors, friends and family in Santa Fe.

“There I am going to work with the entire neighborhood gang, I am going to put all the neighbors to chambear. I am going to set up recording studios, barbershops, tattoo shops, a clothing store, a school so that they can learn to tattoo, to play instruments”he points out.

“You didn’t grow up like me,” says the legend of this photo that the rapper uploaded (Santa Fe Klan / Instagram)


Ángel Jair Quezada Jasso, known in the artistic world as the Santa Fe Klan, is a Mexican rapper, singer and songwriter. In addition to rap and hip-hop, he incorporates genres such as cumbia and regional Mexican into his musical production.

He became interested in music from a very young age, after his parents bought him musical instruments. At the age of 13 he learned to record his own songs and at 14 he already had his own studio.

To continue his artistic career, he decided to move from Guanajuato to Guadalajara, where he joined Alzada Records, a group dedicated to promoting Mexican rap with which he recorded his first productions and left in 2020. In that year he collaborated with Akwid and Neto Peña on the single “Fighting Cock”. In April 2021, he presented the single “Grandes Ligas” that he recorded with Snoop Dogg and Lupillo Rivera. In August 2021, he collaborated with Caliber 50 and Beto Sierra.

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With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, he bought a Colombian accordion and focused his creativity on cumbia, a genre that he heard as a child from his parents and in his neighborhood. He has collaborated with artists such as Alemán, Nanpa Básico and Run the Jewels.

The lyrics of his songs are directed to the neighborhoods, marijuana, love and the mourning of losing friends in the streets.

The artist stands out for the lyrics of his songs and his personality (Photo: Santa Fe Klan / Instagram)
The artist stands out for the lyrics of his songs and his personality (Photo: Santa Fe Klan / Instagram)

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