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America is in chaos. The termination of Piojo came directly from Azcárraga and the board had no idea, just as it has no idea about the replacement of Herrera. I explain.

Patience was gripped with pliers. A symbolic detail: the dome of the Coapa club had commissioned Santiago Baños to look for an option for the bench since the end of the Liga MX, that is, since they were eliminated by Chivas. The option was latent. The manager began to raise candidates. Of course, he never told Louse.

One of the options that appeared on the list was Vasco Aguirre. They looked for it. They proposed a project to him, but they lacked what Rayados’ offer did bring: a long-term contract, not just for a season, as well as a salary according to the hierarchy of the international helmsman. Javier declined Eagles’ offer, but soon accepted Monterrey’s.

And so, Baños has continued searching and searching without success. Today I can tell you so clearly: there is no real, advanced candidate, with whom we have already talked, for the America bench. Azcárraga’s decision, not to tolerate Piojo’s attitudes, was only shared with Juacho Balcárcel, and he communicated it to Santiago, who didn’t even see her coming. It was an untimely decision, which grabs the Eagles with the chones down. There is no clarity.

It was so surprising that Herrera was still recording promotionals for Televisa on Sunday, with Baños’ permission, neither of them knowing what was happening.

Now, what I can also assure you is that of all the smoke bombs that are already being thrown on social networks about Herrera’s possible successor, of all of them, the one that paints the best picture is that of Mohamed, due to his successful past in Coapa and because the Argentine wants to return, even though they haven’t contacted him. Outside of it, whoever they want is a candidate. Write down the name of a coach who is authorized to lead in Liga MX and is a candidate. That’s how complicated the Americanist reality is.


I asked directly: Will a clean one come? Is it a restructure? Will they make any more changes? It is the logic that must happen in the America. But the answer was not clear, although it did leave a strong intention: “For now, yes”, with an emphasis on “for now”.

What they made clear to me is that the Piojo left because of the attitude, not so much because of the results, but that Azcárraga sent a tremendous scolding both Herrera and Baños, who is the next in their sights, but they have stopped for a kinship issue, that has saved him. Until today.

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The boss is not happy with the work of Santiago, who has allowed the club to crumble little by little, more due to inability than desire, because if something is recognized by the president, it is precisely that he has tried to save everyone. But it lacks the personality and leadership that America requires.

The dome realized that it lacks capacity and has given it one last chance to save the ship, they will even send help in the administration of the club, in which it is overrun. Now without being in the shadow of Piojo Herrera, who took him to the seat of América, the great one from Baños is coming, it is the opportunity to show what he is really worth, or he will leave. His first objective: close the right technician. What a task.

Of course, in order to brush it, they are going to invent a position near the FMF or in some other part of the company, they will not cut it as abruptly as they did with the Louse.


Now, I’m going with the other one who suffers from lack of head. From presidential to coach: Blue Cross.

I can tell you that at last they have already probed the Almeyda issue, they have already asked what and how much it takes to get him out of San José to take him to La Noria. And Pelado already knows about the interest, so he left the possibility open. There is no more, a real negotiation has not started, but it is the opening of the chance for a coach of great prestige as a strategist, winner and with a personality that connects with the stands. Is it the good one? There is still a long way to go.

Today, the Blue Nation must focus on the fact that Poncho Sosa is still riding a ranch horse to take control of the celestial bench, because it is for whom Ordiales bets, it is fully trusted and it is the one that has already been negotiated. Let’s see what for.

By the way, I leave out an interesting topic for my cement friends: if you believed that Billy Álvarez was more erased than a rural elementary school blackboard, think twice. Here comes the counterattack. More details in the next columns.

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What a Final that ended up achieving the MX Expansion, after the first 90 minutes more tense than the relationship between Bonilla and De Luisa. Football political joke. La Vuelta had an equally close first half, until with the Barça goal they gave us a spectacular closing, which ended up winning the Jaiba Brava in the cursed stadium, the one of the Ciudad de los Deportes, which exhausted its magic to see a team local crowned. Congratulations to Tampico Madero.

Now, for those who filled their mouths when saying that there was no prize for the winner, which was chocolate for the Final, I have news: there is a juicy prize promised for the monarchs, although nowhere is it stipulated when and how they will give it to them . I explain.

It turns out that in addition to the bonus they gave to the former Ascent clubs to support them towards the exemplary management they require to aspire to play in Liga MX in the future, the presidency of Expansión MX, still in charge of Mr. Enrique Bonilla, promised that each monarch of the Apertura and Clausura, that is to say of the Guard1anes 2020 and Guard1anes 2021 tournament, was going to have five million pesos. To each Champion.

In addition, there will be another five million pesos to be crowned in the Champion of Champions, who would face the two monarchs of each contest. He even stressed the possibility that if a single team won both tournaments, it would automatically be awarded the 15 million pesos. Not negligible, an award that helps in these times of economic complexity, and more with the low budgets that the teams of the renewed circuit handle.

The problem, those who know tell me, is that this issue is not in writing, nor do they know how it will be paid or when. So I recommend my friends from Orlegi to call the offices in Toluca to claim their prize, they are not going to apply it. At the end, they already know that this almost does not happen.


Another issue of the division below the circuit of honor: my Compasses from Venados passed through the triumph arch the ‘recommendation’ that they made from Femexfut to all members of Liga Em Ex, Expansión Em Ex, Second Premier, Third Professional and all the branches under its protection: do not hire anyone who has anything to do with the invented and already dismal Liga Balompié, for being outside the FIFA regulations, with unprotected footballers and owners of unknown origin.

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Well, my Yucas friends thought it was a good option to sign an old acquaintance from Liga MX who decided to bet on the Football League despite the warnings: Chatón Enriquez. They told you several times, do not promote the chaos that this new tournament generates, which has been filled with debt and has left footballers untouched. But then the Deer enter them through one ear and out the other. If they went against the Liga MX and Expansión teams with their unsuccessful lawsuit before the TAS to take away a piece of wool, since it matters to make the new tournament fat. It was worth an umbrella.


And finally, another pearl from the Brizio Commission. Even though the refereeing was a disaster in the Em Ex Expansion League throughout the tournament, with constant complaints from all the teams, it was worth taking care of at least the Final. Ida was a disaster. For the Vuelta, at least one senior whistler was expected, but nothing. Nepotism prevailed.

It turns out that the person designated was nothing more and nothing less than Édgar Allan Morales, son of Mauricio Morales, instructor of the Arbitration Commission and Brizio’s compadre, although in the FMF offices they call him an ‘advisor’. Edgar Allan appeared over and over again at the Expansion tournament. Watering it over and over again, which is why he missed his designation in the Final. However, it does bring rope.

My ear with whistle tells me that when you put a referee in the Final of the lower division it is because the next one he will debut in the tournament above, that is, Mauricio Morales prepared the way for his boy to debut in Liga MX next year next. How it is seen that neither Brizio nor De Luisa nor any authority have seen the performances of Édgar Allan. Just watch the Final in Ciudad de los Deportes. Serve the first minute. The first foul. See it and you will understand me. A disaster what happens in the Commission of Brizio. And as my compadre Maussan used to say: “And nobody does anything.”



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