Santiago del Estero: Governor Zamora apologized to Abigail’s parents

The governor of Santiago del Estero, Gerardo Zamora, published this Saturday a video where he apologizes to the parents of Abigail Jiménez, the girl with cancer who had to enter the province from Tucumán in the arms of her father because the Police did not allow them to advance.

“I want to refer to an unfortunate event that occurred last Monday on the border between Tucumán and Santiago del Espero. A 12-year-old girl and her parents lived through a painful moment. I think that, beyond the internal investigation, and of course a unfortunate succession of facts and errors, of which the parents have nothing to do, much less the girl, it is the State, for which I take responsibility, which has failed in its mechanisms to control the health of the inhabitants, “said the agent in your message.

The images of the event went viral on social networks and shocked the country last Monday.

Abigail in her father’s arms, the image that went viral on social networks.

“Beyond missing papers or not, that it was a meter or thousands of meters, or a minute or thousands of minutes, what happened is regrettable,” acknowledged Zamora. In such a situation, the medical transfer “is totally excepted,” according to the governor.

Then, Zamora specifically addressed the girl’s parents: “I hope she recovers from her illness. I conveyed my apology to her father and that I remain open to do so personally, and put myself at the disposal of Abigail, which is the most important”.

Finally, the governor said that “there has been a lot of talk and the issue has also been politicized. I would never do politics with a health issue. If someone said that Abigail may be lacking something, on the contrary, I want nothing to be missing.” .

“I apologize and apologize for mistakes like this and many more that we may have made and that we may commit, but everything is done based on trying to take care of everyone’s life,” he closed.

“The governor did not call us at any time”

Abigail’s mother, Carmen, spoke on TN minutes after the video aired. “The governor didn’t call us at any time, it’s all a lie. It’s a sham. They are using a girl for politics. At first glance you can see what they are wanting to do, they are playing with Abigail’s health. Five days ago that we had the greatest horror of our lives and (Zamora) did not even have the courage to send at least someone to apologize in a simple message. Do you want to be in the media and look good with whom? “

About the message, Carmen said: “This is not the time to apologize. If from the first moment he was not there, they are useless now. That is not enough.”

Finally, he said that the situation caused “psychological damage” to his daughter: “We are destroyed, I don’t know where we get the strength from. My girl is in a crisis, very bad,” he closed.


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