Sara Shida, Moto is the exact opposite of the role she played “I have never turned the washing machine” | Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

October 16thmovieThe public commemorative stage greeting of “Kasokeki Sankayo” was held in Tokyo, and the actressSara ShidaAnd others took the stage.

This work is a story about the remarriage of my father and the conflict that grows in a new family. Shida plays the main character, a high school student, Yo Kunikita.

Yang, played by Shida, is a girl who is dexterous in daily chores. However, Shida himself said, “Washing machineI have never turned it myself. “

“I wouldn’t be able to do natural housework (acting) as it is. I didn’t want to lie there as much as possible.

Before entering this work, I was in a state of emergency, and during the period when I had to stay at home all the time, “This is an opportunity! “I thought.

I told my family, “I’ll take care of all the laundry and rice from today, so I’ll take care of all the housework,” and my mother taught me how to do the laundry. I made”

At the press conference, a flower bloomed in the on-site episode with co-star Oji Suzuka. Suzuka is said to have been photographed by Shida while taking a nap in the dressing room.

Shida said, “It was a fairly small waiting room. Oji-kun is tall, so it’s really interesting to see the bigger one sleeping there. It occupies more than half of the room, and the crank-in on the first day I thought it was amazing to sleep on the day. I thought he was a brave boy, so I put on a rabbit filter and took a little cute shot, “he recalled with a smile.

The role-making may start from changing one’s true self.


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