Sarah Ferguson “didn’t feel comfortable” at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, for this reason

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Sarah Ferguson She shocked royal fans when she appeared at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral alongside her two daughters, Princess Beatrice, 34, and Princess Eugenie, 32.

The Duchess of York entered at the same time as other royals including Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn, surprising many royal fans who did not expect her to “Fergie” will be placed front and center at Her Majesty’s state funeral.

However, Prince Andrew’s ex-wife “didn’t feel comfortable” at the funeral, says body language expert Judi James.

Sarah Ferguson didn’t like being the center of attention

Judi James, a professional body language expert, spoke to Express Co about the “Sarah Ferguson, once banished.”

The royal expert said: “It was clear that Sarah Ferguson, once banished, seemed to have returned to the royal ranks at the Queen’s funeral and it seemed very likely that this was at the instigation of her daughters.”

“Beatrice and Eugenie have always been fiercely loyal to their mother and her total exclusion from real life, even just in her role as mother, must have been painful for them,” added the expert.

Judi James spoke about the seat that King Charles’s former daughter-in-law sat in: “With no further disapproval from the royals, Sarah seemed to take a much more integrated place among them at the Queen’s funeral, sitting very conspicuously in the seat behind her. Kate Middleton and Prince William. This is a huge improvement for a woman who may not have been left anywhere near the front two rows in the past.”

“But was she comfortable doing it? Her body language suggested she wasn’t. When they saw Beatrice, Eugenie and their husbands arrive at the restroom, they all stopped and looked back before walking over to say hello. Beatrice seemed especially anxious and worried,” she said. Judy James.

Sarah Ferguson wanted to respect Queen Elizabeth

Beatrice and Eugenie of York they asked their mother to walk with them at the end of the funeral however: “Sarah declined the invitation, seeming to back away even further in a gesture that suggested a complete reluctance to go forward just because the Queen was no longer with them.”

“It was a modest gesture but probably well planned to avoid appearing to be disrespecting the Queen’s wishes.”said the expert.

“Sarah Ferguson has always seen herself as a devoted wife despite her divorce and has probably been Andrew’s most loyal supporter and promoter”concluded the real expert revealing the obedient character of ‘Fergie’.

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