News Sarah Fraisou (La Villa 5) very up, she pushes...

Sarah Fraisou (La Villa 5) very up, she pushes a big rant


In a relationship with Ahmed since the filming of La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 5, Sarah Fraisou made him a beautiful declaration of love. And this time, the pretty brunette just poked on Snapchat! The reason ? Its parking space stung by one of its neighbors! On the social network with the yellow logo, it balances: “On my life my neighbors are eggs. When I did not have a second place in my parking lot they would break my neck. Every day I had the right to a word. Which is logical, what which is normal, it is not my place, there is another vehicle. No problem. I also rent a place for the year and I see what? Normal it settles in my place. “

Sarah Fraisou

Very upset against her neighbors, Sarah then adds: “They went crazy. With me it doesn’t work. On all the vehicles I also left a note in nice quotation mark. But here I just put a chair in the square. Let’s move my chair, I’ll farting a retro they will understand nothing in fact. They are eggs “. It remains to be seen whether this technique has enabled it to keep its parking space … Case to follow! In addition, in episode 65 of La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 5, Sarah Fraisou returned to the adventure and Rym and Vincent Queijo decided to return to France.



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