Sarah Fraisou metamorphosed, slimmed down by 40 kg! Impressive, its silhouette will blow your mind

Sarah Fraisou is showing more and more fit on Instagram. The more time passes, the more the young woman thins. So, the more she makes herself visible in tight-fitting outfits. Indeed, on her Instagram account, Sarah Fraisou does what it takes to show off. Already in July 2020, she shared a post with her fans that showed the difference. Sarah Fraisou then lost 30 kilos! Today it is 40 kilos that she is proud to have lost! But with her testimony comes an important message about how essential it is to be well in your body.

Sarah Fraisou impresses the Web, she is thinner and thinner

Sarah Fraisou is one of the stars of reality TV. And even though she weighed 40 kilos more a few months ago, she has always found herself beautiful and attractive. Indeed, it is only by looking back today that the young woman realizes how much she could have let go. But even today, she knows that her figure at the time did not bother her. She felt strong and confident and was delighted to portray a certain canon of beauty.

Now that she has slimmed down and lost nearly 40 pounds, Sarah Fraisou does not want to return to her previous weight. She feels much better in her body and in her mind now. The beautiful 26-year-old brunette is proud to have embarked on this path. Playing sports and admiring the results gives him even more motivation to persevere. She also highlights the results by getting ready for more tight-fitting outfits than before. His Instagram account impresses his fans.

Fans very attentive to the changes of the star

According to the magazine Purepeople, Sarah Fraisou will still have resorted to cosmetic surgery to further slim his figure. But it is not the one you will think of at first glance. Indeed, she would have had recourse to a breast reduction. It turns out that this is a part of his anatomy on which all the efforts of the world would not have changed. For the rest, Sarah Fraisou makes sure to continue to give 200%. Sport and healthy food allow him to maintain his body in a natural way. Fans of the young woman are amazed by her transformation.

One thing, however, does not seem to change at all, it is the looks that exchange Sarah Fraisou and her husband Ahmed Harroun. The lovers are on a small cloud from which they do not seem ready to come down again anytime soon. What to add to the admiration of fans of Sarah Fraisou who do not cease to congratulate them on their happiness. The beautiful young woman has indeed a large number of fans, very concerned by the well-being of Sarah Fraisou. Its 1.9 million subscribers are always on alert to give it support and compliments. She who values ​​a life without complexes, she is an example for a whole generation.

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