Sarah Fraisou (The battle of couples 3) thinned in these photos, internet users are tackling her

Sarah Fraisou and Julie are in conflict with Melanight in The battle of couples 3 and were lynched by internet users. In this adventure, which was filmed before her break-up with her ex-husband Ahmed, Sarah Fraisou loves to mingle with the stories of the villa. Moreover, on August 30, 2021, she posted some photos of herself with a phone on her Instagram account and wrote in the caption: “Gossip is a bit of everyone’s passion are you part of this world?”. A little wink that didn’t really make people laugh, since many didn’t appreciate his attitude: “Not only are you gossip but you are mean !!!”, “Gossip is for people who have no life and therefore time to waste”, can we read in the comments … And these are not the only tackles the candidate has received!

These pictures are also an opportunity for the young woman to highlight her new silhouette, thinner than before.. But there again, it was not unanimously approved by Internet users: “In all her photos she forces her stomach to pull in, it’s so flagrant … For someone who supposedly assumes her body”, “I don’t understand how you can tuck your stomach in like that”, “And we tuck in our stomachs to look slim when there is nothing better than the natural”, “It’s good to put your stomach in, but at some point you have to think about breathing”… Otherwise, in the rest of the celebrity news, Would Osama be in a relationship again since his separation from Sarah Fraisou? This video says it all.

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