Saranwut brushed off a problem with Pheu Thai, but “demons in the air-conditioned room” negotiated a new contract with 3 parties.

“Saranwut” insists it’s not a cobra don’t eat bananas There are negotiations to join 3 new parties, emphasizing on the side of democracy. Whisk had a problem with the old party. but there is a problem with “The devil in the air-conditioned room” abbreviated “P”

Today (15 Oct.) MrSarunwut Sarunket Uttaradit MPs that the Pheu Thai Party has voted to withdraw from the partynewsto the progress of the move to be affiliated with that political party He had a mind similar to the god Guan Yu. work with courage It is a privilege to act as a member of the House of Representatives. Therefore, deciding to go to any political party will fully adhere to the principle of acting as a member of the House of Representatives, which now almost every party wants to be affiliated with. But he chose to be on the people’s side and democracy. Choose a party that can fully serve as a member of the House of Representatives in the debate.

Currently, there are three parties in the negotiations: Free Ruam Thai Party which has Police Lieutenant Colonel Sereepisut Temeeyves as party leader, New Phalangdham Party having Dr. Rawee Maschamadol, MD. as the leader of the party andPalang People’s Party of Thailand having Mr. Nikhom Boonwiset be the party leader which is in discussion and in the future, small political parties These will go hand in hand to work. gathered into a medium To fight the election battle in the next period in a 2-card system

Mr Saranwut confirmed that he was not a cobra and did not receive bribes or “eat bananas” and challenged to swear by anyone who accused him. If he did not do it, ask for it to happen. But if he eats a banana, asks him to have it. He emphasized that there was no problem with the Pheu Thai Party and its MPs, including Thaksin Shinawatra and Khunying Potjaman Na Pomphet, the party’s founders. but there is a problem with “The devil in the air-conditioned room” abbreviated “P” representing party capitalists But he himself did not come out to fight. All behind the scenes tried to prevent them from having this distrustful debate. and ask questions until the exam leaks hoping to bring the information to negotiate to join the government hoping to become a minister

In fact, Mr Thaksin had the opportunity to return to Thailand many times. but because of this group of people who do not make good politics so he didn’t come back to hope that he would still have power. ready to deposit to “The devil in the air-conditioned room” too. Don’t hurt these two adults, and leave your condolences to the Pheu Thai Party that we have parted well. But if the demons don’t stop doing IO, they’re ready to come out more.

However, after the announcementnewsAfter finishing, Dr. Rawee went to see Mr. Saranwut. while holding hands and embracing, admitting that the new Phalang Dharma Party saw the benefits of the country did not see the benefit of investors And that Mr. Saranwut will join the party this time not as a “Cobra” but as a representative of the people. and thought that they had to come together and work for the benefit of the country


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