Satechi: a magnetic holder for iPhone 12 and AirPods

The exact opposite of his short story big charging station of Apple devices, Satechi launches a small base to unite AirPods with an iPhone 12 thanks to a magnetic support.

This support 2-en-1 receives the AirPods / Pro at its base while the iPhone 12 (mini to Pro Max) is suspended in portrait or landscape mode thanks to a support using the MagSafe of the smartphone. Non-MagSafe iPhones are obviously not compatible. On the back, the base has a USB-C port for power to the mains.

Satechi does not speak explicitly of a MagSafe charger, and for good reason since it is not one. This accessory will only charge the iPhone 12 at 7.5W maximum, instead of double for the chargeur MagSafe d’Apple.

This is a point to check with the accessories that are arriving now. The presence of magnets is not enough to make these products MagSafe devices in the sense that Apple understands it. This novelty of Satechi is in pre-order at $ 60 (20% with the code MAGNETIC) and release for mid-February.


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