“Satisfactory” results for the Eurockéennes de Belfort

The organizers of the Eurockéennes de Belfort, whose 2021 edition was canceled in its normal version, showed their satisfaction on Sunday July 25, the day after the closing of “In second home”, alternative festival.

“We are satisfied (…) The edition was rather complete, we were expecting 5,000 people” over five days “And finally the sanitary pass had a small happy effect by pushing the gauge to 6000”, said Jean-Paul Roland, director of “Eurocks”, which in their normal configuration accommodate around 130,000 people.

“In second home” was designed before Emmanuel Macron’s announcements in mid-July on the extension of the health pass in all cultural and leisure places bringing together more than 50 people. The organizers had already decided not to exceed the tonnage of 1,000 people, a limit beyond which the pass then became compulsory, so as not to impose it on festival-goers, explained Jean-Paul Roland.

With the sanitary pass, the gauge increased

The pass made compulsory from 50 people, the festival was able to increase its capacity of reception by a few hundred places each day, he added. However, the tickets left less quickly than expected, which tends to show that “The pass nevertheless has a brake effect on the ticket office”.

“The public did not necessarily tell us ‘Strongly the Eurockéennes in their usual format’ (…) but does this formula have a chance of being repeated? “, he asked himself.

“We may have to think about it” to perpetuate this alternative formula, even if “It’s still a bit cool”, he said, rejecting the idea of ​​a “Discount Eurockéennes edition” : on the contrary “A new concept that could potentially find its audience”.

The profession must defend professional protocols

The event took place from July 20 to 24 on the Malsaucy peninsula (Territoire de Belfort), where the “Eurocks”, a five-day festival with around thirty groups and top chefs at the helm of a country restaurant.

For 2022 (where British rock group Muse is due to hold their canceled concert this year), Jean-Paul Roland says he has “Can’t wait to see how the public will understand the pass”, which he hopes will be “Quickly replaced by professional protocols” (masks, cleaning, etc.) “This is what the profession must defend”, he hammers.


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