Saudi Arabia .. a “medical error” 20 years ago that turns a male into a female

The case of a Saudi employee in a shop in a commercial center sparked a great interaction among the pioneers of social networking sites, after her manager forced her to stand for long hours every day, according to local media.

Social media users circulated a video clip showing a Saudi female employee forced to stand for about 9 hours a day, even in the absence of customers and buyers, making her feel very tired and exhausted.

The pioneers of the communication sites demanded the help of the employee who works in a mall in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, and fairness to the girl, who said that she stands on her feet from two in the afternoon until 11 in the evening daily, without a chair in the shop.

The girl, whose identity was not revealed in that clip, says that the store manager forces employees to stand even when there are no customers.

Many observers called for the intervention of the concerned authorities to save citizenship and transfer the responsible director to the investigation, describing what the director is doing as “enslaving” employees and controlling them.

Immediately, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development intervened to help this girl, and she said through a tweet to her, addressing the first account that published the video: “In reference to the communication submitted by you, we inform you that the case has been initiated, all legal measures are taken and the facility is obligated.” Providing a suitable work environment for employees.

Human Resources thanked the citizen, the owner of the clip, for his cooperation, monitoring the violation, and his attempt to save citizenship from the exploitation of its director, according to the newspaper “Urgent”.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development had previously warned the employer not to provide health protection for employees, both citizens and residents,

Article 144 of the Labor Law stipulates that the employer must provide his workers with preventive and curative health care, taking into account what is provided by the cooperative health insurance system.

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