Saudi Arabia: Ex-intelligence officer uncovers Prince Mohammed bin Salman contemplates killing the former king

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Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia It was the subject of a scandal over the 2018 killing of Saudi journalist and government critic Jamal Khashujki.

A former senior Saudi intelligence officer came out to reveal that Prince Mohammed bin Salman, current Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia He had the idea of ​​using the “poison ring” to assassinate the former king.

In an interview with the Sixty Minutes program (60 Minutes) broadcast on the CBS network, Saad al-Jabri said that in 2014 Prince Mohammed bin Salma N said to Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, his relative who at that time was the Minister of the Interior, His intention was to make such a move against His Majesty King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz (uncle) to make way for his father’s accession to the throne.

During this period, tensions arose within the royal family over succession.

Mr Jabri said that at that time the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia To Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, “I want to assassinate King Abdullah. I have a poison ring from Russia. and I just hold His hand It was enough to make him die.”

“Whether he was just bragging or not…he had said this. And we believe that He really meant it,” Jabri said.

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Jabri said Prince Mohammed bin Salman was a “psychopath” that posed a threat to the nation. for Americans and for the world

Mr Jabri said that the matter had ended within the royal court. But a video of the discussion was secretly recorded. And he knows where the 2 copies of this video are.

During the interview, Mr Jabri warned that Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the son of the current Saudi monarch, He was considered the de facto ruler of the country, a “psychopath” and a murderer with infinite resources. and is a danger to the people of the nation for Americans and for the world

What is a psychopath?

Department of Mental Health website The Thai Ministry of Public Health states that psychopath is a person with symptoms of Antisocial Personality Disorder characterized by lack of empathy, lack of remorse, numbness, fearlessness, lack of restraint and put yourself in the center

King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz died in January 2015 at the age of 90, making King Salman. His younger brother, different mothers, continued his reign. At the time he appointed Prince Mohammed bin Nayef as crown prince, but in 2017 stripped him of that position. including the position of Minister of the Interior and appointed Prince Mohammed bin Salman as his replacement.

Later it was reported that Prince Mohammed bin Nayef was imprisoned in his palace. Before last year he was charged with unspecified charges.

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King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz (left, front row) died in 2015, succeeding King Salman (far right).

Jabry, who fled to Canada after Mohammed bin Nayef’s power was exhausted, said he had been warned by a friend in the Middle East intelligence agency. The Saudi crown prince sent a team of assassins to kill him in 2018, just days after the killing of journalist and government critic Jamal Khashujki at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

He said the six-man assassination team had arrived at the Ottawa airport. but was sent back After immigration officials found that they had “A Suspicious Device for DNA Analysis”

Last year, Mr Jabri accused the Saudi crown prince of attempted murder in a civil lawsuit he filed in a US federal court.

The Saudi crown prince has denied the allegations. Including the connection with the killing of Mr. Kashujki. Although US intelligence agencies Evidence will be found that the King approved the killing plan.

image source, Anadolu Agency


Prince Mohammed bin Salman (left) became crown prince, replacing Prince Mohammed bin Nayef (right) in 2017.

The BBC has contacted the Saudi government for comment on the news. but have not been contacted back.

But the Saudi embassy in Washington issued a statement to the CBS television network that Jabry was a former official with no credibility. and has a long history of misinformation and corruption.

Mr Jabri has been sued by Saudi nationals on corruption charges. And a Canadian judge has frozen his assets, saying there is “extensive evidence of fraud”.

He denied the theft of the Saudi government money. By saying that the former employer was the one who gave him a large reward. After fleeing the country and had a dispute with the crown prince Several of Mr Jabri’s family members, including his son and daughter, have also been imprisoned by Saudi authorities. which many human rights organizations say This appeared to be an attempt to coerce him to return to his country.

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