Saudi Arabia.. The first of Muharram is the date for the return of pilgrims abroad and this mechanism

About 500 Umrah companies and institutions are preparing to receive foreign pilgrims to perform Umrah and pray in the Grand Mosque, starting on the first of Muharram, with the requirement of immunization, and according to distinct health standards and protocols for the safety of the pilgrims coming from abroad.

This was mentioned in a special statement to “Al”, member of the National Committee for Hajj and Umrah Hani Ali Al-Amiri, stressing that there are more than 6000 external Umrah agents, and about 30 websites and platforms for global reservations available to book programs through them and pay electronically.

From the Grand Mosque

And he indicated that all services and packages are electronic, through global and local booking platforms approved by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, in a group manner in a B2B system or through individuals in a B2C system, while Saudi Umrah companies offer housing, transportation and all ground services packages.

He added: “Through the electronic platforms, the pilgrim can purchase the entire program of aviation, transportation, hotels and catering, and select a company or institution for Umrah to provide services, while Umrah companies and institutions are prepared, and all health courses for prevention and crowd management for its employees and workers have been activated, and the work of a number Of these companies, and the rest of the companies and other institutions, procedures are being finalized to activate them for the Umrah season this year by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and the competent authorities.


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