Saudi Arabia’s Support for Palestinian State: Appointment of First Palestinian Ambassador to East Jerusalem

2023-09-26 16:44:23

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia’s first ever Palestinian ambassador to East Jerusalem was appointed today. The ambassador said that Saudi Arabia will continue to support the establishment of a Palestinian state. Ambassador-designate Naif Al-Sudairi handed over the letter of appointment to the Palestinian president. He took office before Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

The ambassador will be based in Jordan for security reasons. The legal document listed him as Saudi’s Palestinian ambassador to East Jerusalem. It has political significance. Israel also wants East Jerusalem as its capital. But the Saudi state, based in East Jerusalem, is the condition that Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, demand for Israel’s relationship. The international media, including Reuters, pointed out that the document shows that the Saudi-Palestinian relationship will continue to be strong. The designated Saudi ambassador also clarified this.

He added that Saudi stands for a Palestinian state based in East Jerusalem, accompanied by a delegation of the regime from Riyadh. They will continue to discuss various issues with the Palestinian president until tomorrow. The Saudi Crown Prince had stated that there is no possibility of negotiation with Israel except Palestine. He stated that there is no problem in establishing diplomatic relations, but he wants to compromise on the Palestinian issue. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas also said that the new appointment will strengthen relations with Saudi Arabia.

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