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‘Save Holmes’ Choa “I have a home office space in my recently moved house”

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Choa revealed that she has prepared a home office space in her recently moved house.

MBC ‘Save me! In ‘Holmes’, singer Choa scrambles to find a new home for her single mother-in-law.

In this broadcast, the daughter-in-law who is looking for a place for her mother-in-law and her brother-in-law appears as a client. The daughter-in-law’s client says that she wants to find a new home for her mother-in-law who misses her father-in-law who passed away a few months ago.

The area wanted a single-storey property or a property with an elevator for the mother with disabilities, as it is within 3 to 40 minutes by public transportation from Euljiro 4-ga Station, where her brother-in-law works. Also, I hoped for a bright and open view for my mother-in-law, who will spend a long time in the house. According to the budget, Jeonse can be up to 500 million won.

Singer Choa, who went on a scramble as a coordinator for the Bok team, said that she was a fan of ‘Holmes’ and expressed her feelings about appearing on the basis of her recent moving experience. Next, Choa introduces that she has prepared a special home office space in her recently moved house. He is currently singing through an internet personal broadcast, and for this purpose, he draws attention by saying that he is using a soundproof booth as furniture.

Jang Dong-min, who went on a scramble with Choa from the Bok team, appeared in the studio with a somewhat uncomfortable posture and a difficult expression, attracting attention. He reveals that he has a severe sore throat, and confesses that he received six injections in the neck and back before the recording. He said, “I feel like I’m alive after dying because the injection hurt so much.”

It is said that Jang Dong-min, who was continuing the recording due to an injury fighting spirit, was greatly frustrated when he discovered the disadvantages of the opposing team’s property and could not attack as usual. In the meantime, when Dong-min Jang, who was famous for his attacks, couldn’t make a loud noise, the coders of the Duck team were worried, saying, “Because of the fence, the attack will not survive.”

The co-ordinates of the Bok team head to Bukhansan Big Forest Village, located in Jingwan-dong, Eunpyeong-gu. Bukhansan Mountain surrounds the village, where hanok complexes and residential villages are clustered. In particular, this Hanok Village is known for being the place where Yaho Yu created MSG Wannabe on MBC’s ‘What do you do when you play?’

Park Ho-san of the Deok Team also said that he knew this place well, and said, “It is famous for having so many pretty houses, so I went there to refer to it before building a house.”

The property they introduced is a stylish brick house where you can enjoy the view of Bukhansan from every window as well as a spacious living room. Jang Dong-min and Cho-a are said to have shouted ‘View Yahoo’ whenever they found a view of Mt. Bukhan, raising expectations.

Finding a new home for a single mother-in-law is on the 30th at 10:45 pm MBC ‘Save me! Holmes’ will be revealed.

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