world Saved 750 dogs: man has a big heart for...

Saved 750 dogs: man has a big heart for animals


There are dog lovers, dog lovers – and there is Saša Pešić. Because the Serb has 750 dogs in his care. In two shelters in the Serbian town of Niš, he provides food, shelter and medical care to the four-legged friends. According to his own account, the Serb has rescued more than 1,100 dogs in the last decade. A task that entails high costs: the operation of the two animal shelters costs about 17,000 euros per month – and that without the admission of other stray dogs. Therefore, Saša Pešić relies on donations to provide the animals properly. It is estimated that the number of stray dogs in Serbia is tens of thousands. On his website, Pešić writes that he dedicates his life to the task of keeping every dog ​​happy, healthy and alive. The commitment of the Serbs makes it clear: in Niš, the best friend of man has a best friend.

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