Saving battery on your mobile while using WhatsApp Web is possible

The WhatsApp messaging platform, despite being the most popular instant client in the world with more than 2,000 million active users per month, still has some shortcomings compared to its biggest competitor, Telegram.

One of them is that In order to use the web version we have to have the mobile phone linked with the consequent battery consumption of the same.

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Nevertheless, This situation is no longer a problem, because with this simple trick you will be able to save battery on your mobile, since no It will be necessary for us to have our smartphone connected to WhatsApp Web to be able to use it.

These are the steps:

• We open our WhatsApp mobile app.

• We press the menu button located in the upper right part of the application and identified with three vertical dots.

• Click on the Linked devices option.

• We enter the Beta version section for various devices.

• Once inside it, click on the green box at the bottom of the app that says ‘Join the beta version’.

• Now, we go back and under the Beta version section for several devices the word ‘Participant’ appears, which means that we have carried out the previous step correctly.

• Next, what we have to do is click on the option ‘Link a device’, enter our password, pin or fingerprint for security reasons and scan with our mobile the QR code that appears when we open WhatsApp Web on our PC.

• Once this is done, the computer or computers that we have linked just below the ‘Device status’ section will appear with the information of the browser we use, the operating system with which we work and the last connection time.

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