One of the features announced at this year’s WWDC last month was the ability to save scanned personal documents to the Apple Wallet application. To be able to save DNI etc. in the wallet This was XNUMX, an option announced by Jennifer Bailey, Vice President of Apple Pay, with this new feature.

In this sense, many of us at the time of the presentation thought this was great because we didn’t have to carry the document with us, Whether it can be done depends on the public sector In all countries.Now, according to popular media, Apple doesn’t seem to launch this option during 2021 9To5Mac.

It takes time to implement the wallet’s digital ID card

When Apple adds this feature to Wallet, users will be able to scan their ID and save it in the app. This seems like a really good thing for many of us, but even if the Cupertino company itself launched it today, it would be time consuming to implement as it would have to be verified by public authorities in each country. increase. This may take some time to implement.

in this case Read the release date changes directly on Apple’s website, You can find an overview of iOS 15 features on the site. After this change, it has been shown that the feature will be officially released in “early 2022”. As is often the case with these cases, Apple hasn’t provided any specific information about the date, but it will be released in an update later next year.