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Reporter Wu Mengting / Comprehensive Report

South Korean talent show “Girls Planet 999” recruited trainees from China, Japan and South Korea to compete for PK. In the latest task, the team leader Cai Bing, who challenged the dance combination, made the team members quite disgusted. Not only did they say that they choreographed the dance together, other trainees were choreographed by themselves. In the solo dance part, she insisted on joining, and she said directly during the dispute, “I am the captain, I have the final say.” After the broadcast, it made Korean Nets angry, and Weibo also cursed the TV station for “basically evil cutting”!

▲ Cai Bing raised his hand and said that she choreographed the choreography, which surprised the other trainees. (Photo/Retrieved from iQiyi International Station)

In the new episode of “Girls Planet 999” broadcast yesterday (17th) evening, a 9-member team led by Cai Bing will challenge Little Mix’s “Salute”. At the beginning, the teammates said that the choreography of the climax was performed by Han Zhiya. The part introduced at the beginning was edited by Cai Bing, and the rest was made up of other members to make up the style they wanted to dance, but when the instructor asked who made this dance? When the other trainees were about to raise their hands, Cai Bing first said, “It’s me!”

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▲Say good solo dance with teammates

▲Gold-plated I think it’s very unreasonable to say that there is no time to practice. (Photo/Retrieved from iQiyi International Station)

When I asked the instructor to check the performance, Cai Bing always beats too fast, and the most important climax part “Killing Part”, she seemed weak, so when everyone re-discussed whether this part needs to be replaced, she said that she was taking care of others. The passage of Han trainee Jin Ping me criticized, “I think it’s very shameful because she doesn’t have time, because she doesn’t chore up all the dances alone.”

▲Say good solo dance with teammates

▲Cai Bing also stood up for the solo dance part of trainee Zhang Luofei. (Photo/Retrieved from iQiyi International Station)

The conflict was not over yet. When all the trainees squatted down, only the solo part where Lu trainee Zhang Luofei was standing, Cai Bing also stood up, everyone was quite surprised. Let’s jump together. Just as everyone was discussing, Cai Bing said, “I am the captain, I think I can count it!” Then he said, “Don’t make any more comments,” which made the atmosphere quite tense.

▲Say good solo dance with teammates

▲ Cai Bing thinks, “My captain, I have the final say!”

After the episode was broadcast, Korean netizens were quite angry. They wrote “It’s really speechless the more I watch it”, “The Chinese are not surprised”, “Couldn’t it be our own country’s game?”, but some Korean netizens think, “Cai Bing is right. Did Cai Bing agree to let Zhang Luofei perform solo? No? And when she was crying, Huilin and I ran to comfort her, it was fake.”

▲Say good solo dance with teammates

▲ Cai Bing’s sentence “Don’t comment anymore” made Han Lu Wang furious. (Photo/Retrieved from iQiyi International Station)

There was also a discussion on Weibo, saying that Cai Bing had been maliciously edited, “Cai Bing was really badly edited this week, is she sure that she is the Killing Part? Where is her part? Now even the close-up shots are missing? Korean. Really live in the sewer, it’s yin and smelly.”, “Cai Bing’s C is lonely, and the whole is speechless.”, “I have so few parts, if it weren’t for the two epaulettes, I would almost lose sight of it. She is a KP, choreographing is so hard, and she has to be criticized by her mentor, coaxed by her teammates, and cut by the show crew. It’s too miserable. It’s the worst tonight.”

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