“Say hello to me”: Dr. Bob is looking for a connection in Germany

“Say hello to me”
Dr. Bob is looking for a connection in Germany

Robert “Bob” McCarron alias Dr. Bob is visiting Germany. Photo: Marius Becker / dpa

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Jungle expert and soul comforter from the RTL jungle camp is close to the people. Anyone who recognizes him on the street should speak to him, he says.

Robert McCarron, better known as Dr. Bob from the RTL jungle camp is open to new acquaintances on the street during his stay in Germany.

He loves being in Germany, he said in a conversation with RTL published on Thursday. He wants to meet good friends – and find new ones. “So if you see me walking around Cologne, don’t be shy,” demanded Dr. Bob the Germans up. “Say hello to me.”

The jungle expert and comforter – actually not a doctor, but a trained paramedic – is in Cologne because he will be on the new RTL “jungle show”. It replaces the regular jungle camp in Australia, which was canceled due to the corona pandemic, home of Dr. Bob.

The first episode can be seen on Friday (January 15, 10:15 p.m., RTL).


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