says that “nothing has been ruled out” but that the first action is dialogue with political and social actors

Jaime Bellolio, Government spokesman.

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Jaime Bellolio, Government spokesman.

The government spokesman, Jaime Bellolio, said that the government “Has not ruled out” the possibility of decreeing a state of siege in the Region of La Araucanía, amid the string of acts of violence that have occurred in the area in recent weeks. However, he added that the “first action” is to engage with political and social actors in the area.

As revealed Third, the presidents of the parties of Chile Vamos se They will meet with President Sebastián Piñera at his home tonight where they hope -at least- to debate this controversial measure that has been raised by some voices in the sector.

Consulted by this topic in Radio Pattern, the minister replied: “We have not ruled out anything” and added that “the question that one should ask is what is the additional thing that could happen when there is a state of siege.”

“Although it has not been ruled out, we see that the first action that has to be done is what the minister (Rodrigo) Delgado, the undersecretary (Juan Francisco) Galli has done, at the call of the President, a discussion with the actors politicians, with civil society, in a way that we can agree transversely on how to combat this violence, how to combat terrorism, ”he added.

Bellolio also addressed the call for a “Great national agreement” carried out by President Sebastián Piñera and argued that this should occur between people who “believe in democracy” and “within the margins of respect for the dignity of people.”

Asked if Héctor Llaitul -leader of the Arauco Malleco Coordinator- is a valid interlocutor, the spokesperson said that “He has indicated that he does not believe in dialogue, nor in democracy, but in the use of violence as a legitimate method of any type of expression. One can hardly try to agree on those things that I just mentioned with a person who thinks that. “.

Bellolio also rated as “interesting” the proposal made yesterday by the Senator from La Araucanía, Francisco Huenchumilla, who proposed going to the UN to resolve the conflict and added that the violence demonstrates “the failure of the Chilean political class.”.

“I think it is an interesting proposal, there are several things that have been done in other parts of the world that we have in mind, but we hope that in that dialogue, in that conversation, different alternatives, different proposals, will arise that can summon us to support decisively, the institutional combat within the margins of the law so that the terrorist acts that have been taking place in recent times come to an end, ”said the spokesperson.

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