SBB apologize for faecal stench in train stations

Cleaning measures do not help

SBB apologize for faecal stench in train stations

In Zurich, the platforms once again stink of faeces and rotten eggs. One of the culprits: shaking train Dosto. The SBB promise to do something about it.

It’s one of the most reliable SBB trains, but it has its very own scent – to put it nicely. Because the FV Dosto stinks tremendously of faeces and rotten eggs. Even if the train is no longer in the station, passengers know that it was there.

After two weeks ago there was a stinky smell on the platforms at Zurich main station, it is now also stinking on the underground tracks 31 – 34 at the Löwenstrasse underground station. So much so that the SBB have now put up a sign. Then the promise: “We have intensified the cleaning and will fix the cause as quickly as possible.”

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