SC upgrade the organization! Get the opportunity to open the country and prepare to work in the Hybrid way.

“SC Asset” continues to upgrade the organization, starting this November, highlighting 5 important issues “Liquidity-Landbank develops projects-products-personnel-technology “Support the opening of the country
Mr. Nuttaphong Kunakornwong Chief Executive Officer SC Asset Corporation Public Company Limited or SC, the supplier of high quality living solutions. which aims to be the number 1 single house brand in the minds of consumers Revealing the situation of going through the crisis during the Covid crisis almost 2 years ago that The company is highly flexible and has upgraded the organization to be ready and stepped into the hybrid way of working starting from November with preparation in 5 key areas for strong and sustainable growth. Get the opportunity to open the country as follows

1.Liquidity (Liquidity) There is more than 10,000 million baht in cash and ready-to-withdraw credit line with a strong financial position. Has an IBD/E ratio of less than 1.3 times

2.Lands (Lands) This year, the transfer of new horizontal land, including the year of 10,000 million baht, to support project development in the years 2022-2024

3.Products (products) ensure the availability of products in three important aspects: -High Quality: aim to deliver high quality products, brands, trustworthy

-Human-Centric: Design and develop products and innovations based on the concept Human-centric by developing house prototypes and new functions that are highly popular such as single people’s houses, same houses and LA-NAI Series (Lanai) Semi-Outdoor areas, perfect relaxation corners. Recently, a new house model ‘SC Asset: Gamer’s Dream House’ has been opened through a special campaign with 3 famous gamers. This will lead to the development of the concept of home for the new generation, the heart of Gen Z in the future, along with the development of Home Automation through the RueJai OS operating system for a comfortable and worry-free home.

-Backlog & Inventory: The company has total sales pending transfer or backlog of more than 8,500 million baht and 50% ready to transfer in the 4th quarter of this year and prepares to increase stock ready for sale and transfer for horizontal until the end of 2022 total value of more than 20 billion baht to support the growing demand for low-rise housing

4.People (People) SC ensures the readiness of everyone in the organization in 3 areas: -Safety: the safety of all staff. Employees have received 2 injections of 100% vaccination and also prepare 3-4 booster shots for employees and their families. The 3rd injection will be started within the 4th quarter. As for the labor group vaccination, the 1st injection is 100% and the 2nd needle is currently at 70%

-Communications: 3 Levels of Communications: Corporate Communications “Monthly All-hands Session”
Communicate thoroughly and consistently So that the organization’s 1,000-person team is committed to the same strategy and goals. regularly every month

Team Communication “SC OKRs” are group communication based on the shared goals of each team. Driving Agile Working Team with speed and agility, up-to-date and personal communication “Quarterly Check-in”
It is a One-on-One communication for each department to have a close conversation. To know the expectations of supervisors and organizations along with the development of essential skills

-Hybrid workplace: The hybrid way of working Headquarters takes a hybrid approach. By combining working at the office and working anywhere (Work from Anywhere) in a ratio of 3: 2 days to promote productivity and creativity, giving freedom to work that fits the lifestyle that meets the new way from 1 May. onwards, but still maintains efficiency in taking care and facilitating mainly customers and business partners

5.Technology (Technology) for flexibility, speed, accuracy by linking data in 3 key areas: -ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) resource management in terms of building, buying and investing for supporting business growth.

-CRM (Customer Relationship Management) management of customer data to design and deliver seamless services, including sales, repairs and customer care in all dimensions, and RPC (Robotic Process Automation), the introduction of automation technology. Help reduce the work process. It can also reduce the costs involved in the work process.

“In this challenging time We have learned immense adaptation skills. It’s a major upgrade. Today, SC is ready for strong growth in the context of a new normal.”


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