Scandal for application that strips women using artificial intelligence

This Telegram channel, which is still active, use “deep fake” to retouch photos of women. It is free and does not accept images of men.

The users send the photos of the women and the bot processes them on an external server. Once the artificial intelligence does its homework, it returns the retouched image of the victim.

On the other hand, this bot offers a paid service. For US $ 1.5 you can get the watermark out of the photograph and, in addition, you can get it instantly.

According to Sensity AI, Until July 2020 this bot had processed more than 100,000 images of women, many minors. Furthermore, it points out that most of the victims are from Argentina, Italy, Russia and the United States.

This bot has been active on Telegram since mid-2019 and works on seven channels. Sensity AI has already reported the situation to the FBI and other security agencies, although at the moment it has not received any answers.

What is a bot?

One of the distinguishing features of Telegram is bots. These are third-party applications that work within the messaging application.

To use them it is not necessary to install them. Simply the user must interact with them as if it were a real person, or a service account of a company.


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