Scandal! They uncover ROMANCE by Ricky Martin with famous reggaeton

Ricky Martin was once again placed in the middle of the controversy by rumors about a torrid affair with a famous reggaeton, which would have emerged after collaborating together on a song that was very successful.

There are few scandals that the Puerto Rican singer has starred in, but those that have sounded the most are those related to his love life, since he currently enjoys a stable relationship with Jwan yosef.

Rumors recently came to light about a love triangle that the singer would have starred with a famous reggaeton, which immediately made fans jump to his defense.

Ricky Martin love triangle?

It would be the Colombian singer Maluma With whom it was rumored that Ricky Martin could have had an affair, this after being together in the song?Sales not ?? that?? which brought great success to both singers.

Close sources have pointed out in different media that the couple from Ricky Martin, Jwan Yosef, was not very happy with the closeness between the cantes, so they decided to distance themselves.

So far neither Ricky Martin nor Maluma have given statements about the rumors of a love triangle, so it has been speculated that it could be something fleeting.

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