Scandal Uncovered: PetroChina Huanqiu Engineering Project Co. GM Caught with Mistress on Douyin

2023-06-07 11:32:54

Hu Jiyong, general manager of PetroChina Huanqiu Engineering Project Co., Ltd., was photographed taking a young man on a trip to Sichuan. He has been dismissed from all positions by the company and is currently under investigation. (Picture / flip from Douyin)

There are often many bloggers on Douyin who will casually take street photos of beauties and place them on the Internet, and such videos often attract the attention of netizens. Unexpectedly, a recent street shooting video on Douyin accidentally captured the picture of Hu Jiyong, the general manager of PetroChina Huanqiu Engineering Project Company, walking down the street with his mistress. The video immediately aroused heated discussions among netizens.

According to comprehensive land media reports, a Douyin street shooting video of beautiful women has recently become popular on the Internet. In the video, a middle-aged man can be seen walking on the street with a young female companion, very comfortable shopping on the street. Unexpectedly, after the film was released, netizens discovered that the man in the film was actually Hu Jiyong, the executive director, secretary of the party committee, and general manager of PetroChina Beijing Huanqiu Engineering Project Company.

According to the itinerary on the company’s official website, Hu Jiyong was dispatched to Sichuan on a business trip to visit and condolences to the front-line staff. Unexpectedly, he was caught traveling in Sichuan with Xiao San. After the incident, the company immediately canceled the relevant account and refused to ask any questions.

In this regard, PetroChina Beijing Project Management Company issued a statement on the afternoon of the 7th, saying, “According to the relevant information on the Internet about Hu Jiyong, an employee of our company’s Huanqiu Project Management Company, the company attaches great importance to it, and immediately organized a team to in-depth investigation. Currently Hu Jiyong has been dismissed. executive director, secretary of the party committee, and general manager, and accept relevant investigations by the company’s disciplinary committee.”

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