Scenarios for the effect of easing in March, April or May in detail: “Still 3 to 4 weeks of patience, there is perspective”

Conclusion: mass relaxation on 1 March is out of the question. We should definitely wait until April 1 or May 1. De Croo left open which of those two it will be. That will depend on the British variant. But one thing is clear: there is certainly perspective, because in all mathematical models there is a clear decrease towards the summer holidays.

“Will there be easing tomorrow or next week? No, but we are approaching the point where the risk of a third wave is greatly reduced,” De Croo emphasized. He wants our perspective not to be based on “quicksand” but on a solid, scientific basis: “It has to be based on facts and science, that stands firm and there we have something to be.” That is why he had some biostatisticians do the exercise thoroughly.

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