SCG CPAC, together with Sisaket Provincial Administrative Organization, gave “Positive Air Pressure Chamber” to the Governor of Sisaket Province to send to 3 hospitals

On April 3, 2021 at the Sisaket Provincial Administrative Organization, Mr. Wattana Putthichart, Sisaket Provincial Governor Presided over 3 positive pressure chambers from representatives of SCG CPAC and Cu Yong Huat (1995) together with Sisaket Provincial Administrative Organization. To be given to 3 hospitals in Sisaket Province, namely Huai Thap Than Hospital Kantharalak Hospital And Sisaket Hospital, with Mr. Wichit Trisoranakul, President of Sisaket Provincial Administrative Organization And Mr. Apisak Saechung, Mr. Wichian Thirertpanich, Deputy Chairman, Provincial Administrative Organization, Mr. Thanakrit Jirivipakorn, Secretary of the Provincial Administrative Organization of Sisaket Province, Dr. Chonawit Laothong, Director of Sisaket Hospital, Member of the SAO Provincial Administrative Organization. And government officials of Sisaket Provincial Administrative Organization Participated in the ceremony of delivering the Positive Pressure SWAB Room “(Positive Pressure SWAB Room).

Watthana Putthichart, Governor of Sisaket Province, said that this cabinet is a positive air pressure cabinet. Which is a project of SCG CPAC provides positive pressure chambers to hospitals nationwide #Help and care for each other #CareTogether For medical personnel to collect samples of the COVID-19 coronavirus, this machine is very useful for healthcare workers. Because it is an innovation that has developed the device Various tools To support a medical mission Resulting in a positive pressure chamber innovation Can be moved conveniently and flexibly Can be installed both inside and outside the building. For the benefit of screening patients Finding the coronavirus COVID-19 by smearing the nose and throat. (nasopharyngeal swab and throat swab) reduces operational risks from direct contact of healthcare professionals and visitors. And for the people of Sisaket Province Has had modern medical equipment In order to be treated quickly to prevent and reduce the risk of infection. Of medical personnel Because now in Sisaket Province, 162 cases of infection from 17 districts have been recovered and returned home, 22 districts continue to treat 140 people, most of these infections come from group infections from 4 districts: Muang District, Kantharalak District Kanthararom, Nam Klang District And there is also the latest in Silat District, 9 people have been infected and have been examined and treated at Rasi Salai Hospital, so it is good to have (Positive Pressure Room) to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection. And respiratory infections for medical personnel while on duty

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