Schaerbeek: all teachers in a school considered as a “cluster” and sent home

School 16 (primary), located in Schaerbeek, is the victim of the coronavirus epidemic. The town has indeed announced in a statement that five primary classes were in fourteen since Wednesday, students and teachers having been called to be tested quickly.

In the last seven days, five cases of coronavirus have been deplored among the teaching staff. Two other teachers are also symptomatic but have not yet been confirmed positive.

Cécile Jodogne, mayor of Schaerbeek, contacted Cocom, the authority responsible for health monitoring in Brussels. It emerged that the teachers at the establishment should now be considered “as a full-fledged cluster”. Consequence: all teachers at the primary school must respect a fortnight and be tested.

Obviously, given the situation, the classes will not be able to hold each other. However, measures have been taken to accommodate first-grade primary school students on Thursday and Friday. For the rest, the town adds that “the alderman of education and his team are working to put in place the best possible solution from next Monday”.

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