Schaffhausen family dies in car accident in Albania – son mourns

A white Citroën crashes head-on into a truck on a wet road. The parents and two children died instantly. Only the youngest daughter Violeta (3) miraculously survived. The accident happened on Thursday in Albania, near the small town of Rreshen.

The shock to the bereaved in Schaffhausen is deep. “I feel like I’m in a bad horror film!” Says Mirsad Avdijaj (26). He is the eldest son of Blerim Avdijaj († 51) and allows BLICK to show the pictures of the deceased and to give their full names. In addition to his father, his second wife Anjeza († 34) as well as their daughter Medina († 6) and eleven-year-old Klejdi – Anjeza’s son from his first marriage, also had an accident.

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