Schalke 04 advises Clemens Tönnies’ offer

The Bundesliga soccer club FC Schalke 04 needs money for new players. That would be possible through a changed sponsorship contract.

The first bearer of hope is there: with the Return of Sead Kolasinac hat Schalke 04 a signal of departure sent that the white flag has not yet been hoisted in the relegation battle. But more action must follow: The club needs more new players, but currently has no money for them. That could be from Clemens Tönnies come, whose offer of help on Schalke is of course a political issue. There could still be a solution.

Schalke 04: More news and backgrounds

Schalke clearly rules out accepting a loan from the entrepreneur who resigned his office with the Royal Blues in the summer after 25 years. The reason for this rejection is obvious: Schalke had announced that they wanted to emancipate themselves from Tönnies in the long term. A new loan would be a throwback to the old days with one advancing debt. This could also open up further rifts – this is out of the question for the current club management.

Schalke: Tönnies commitment could be expanded

What Schalke is doing, according to information from this editorial team, is a different way: Clemens Tönnies is still active as a sponsor on Schalke through his Böklunder company – this commitment could be expanded. An early extension of this contract by five or six years would add up the low double-digit million sum that Schalke now needs to strengthen the team. Such a step could be conveyed: as the help of a sponsor who remains loyal to Schalke in difficult times. Early payment of the entire contract amount would also be possible.

It has not yet been decided whether this will actually happen. According to our information, Schalke’s supervisory board discussed this option at the beginning of this week. After Clemens Tönnies last offered his help in the media via RTL interview (“We mustn’t let Schalke go under”), explains Jens Buchta, his successor as chairman of the Schalke supervisory board, at the request of this editorial team: “We have an obligation to deal with it and to weigh up all the pros and cons in terms of Schalke 04.” Buchta didn’t want to talk about details. The subject is too sensitive to be openly debated.

Tönnies is not aiming for an office at Schalke

But what is clear: There are no talks between Schalke and Tönnies that go beyond an expansion of sponsorship. The long-time club boss is not looking for a new position, not even a role as an investor in the event that the professional department is outsourced, and he does not get any new influence in the club. A decision as to whether the help will come through sponsorship must be made during this week. It is met by Schalke side jointly by the supervisory board and management board.

Time is of the essence, as the money in the range of around twelve million euros should be used to sign at least two new players for the relegation battle – a striker and a right full-back. Mitchell Weiser is to be loaned from Bayer Leverkusen for the right side. Should Schalke To decide against expanding the sponsorship of Tönnies’ company Böklunder, all that would remain to finance additional newcomers would be an emergency sale by defender Ozan Kabak.


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