Schalke Yoshida Maya, captain mark at Bundes opening game “I felt respect for my career”-Bundesliga: Nikkan Sports

◇ 7th ◇ Cologne

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Schalke DF Maya Yoshida (33), the captain of the Japanese national team, started in the opening game (away) with Cologne, wrapped the captain mark and took the memorable first step in the Bundesliga.

Schalke took the initiative in the game, but MF Drexler fouled the opponent in the 35th minute of the first half and was sent off. In the first half, the score was 0-0, but the situation changed completely in the second half due to the numerical disadvantage.

After conceding the opening goal in the 4th minute of the second half, they conceded again in the 17th minute. In the 31st minute, Bürter’s header returned a goal from an FK, but immediately after that, he gave up his own goal and lost with 3 goals.

After the game, Yoshida said, “This kind of thing could happen if someone was sent off,” but “I was a little unlucky.” In the 11th minute of the first half, MF Salazar scored the first goal from a CK, but VAR judged Yoshida’s position to be offside and no goal. He regretted the scene.

Yoshida left Serie A’s Southampton at the end of last season, and this summer, he suddenly joined one of the most popular clubs in the Bundesliga, which returned to the first division this season. He served as captain despite being a new player.

Regarding that, “I feel a lot of respect for my career.” On top of that, he said, “The important thing is from now on. After all, I think that it is the role that I can draw out results on the pitch. I want to be able to lead the team when it is difficult.”

Germany is the 4th country following the Netherlands, the Premier and Serie A. Although I lost the match, I was deeply moved.

“After all, the supporters were very enthusiastic in the opening game, and it was said that it was like a local petit derby, so it was a great atmosphere.It was good because it is rare for a stadium like this to be full in Italy. Right,” he recalled.

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