Schiappacasse reviewed Chino and La Roja for almost no participation in historic Plebiscite | Football

Last Sunday Chile experienced a historic entry referendum to elect a new Constitution, where the Approve option had an overwhelming result with 78.3% of the preferences.

Those who did not stand out for their participation, however, were the leaders of La Roja. Alone Fabián Orellana and Eugenio Mena they carried out the procedure to vote abroad, and the Valladolid forward could not vote when the day coincided with a La Liga match.

In that scenario, the commentator Aldo Schiappacasse He reviewed the players of the ‘team of all’ and also Marcelo Ríos, who traveled to our country to participate in the election but did not vote due to the long line that was in his local suffrage (when it was early he left to not be a table).

How to spoil a great gesture. We have more sports idols than ever before in history, with social networks, who spend their time giving their opinions on social networks. I think that this weekend they destroyed two great gestures that could mark history. They threw it in the trash ”, the panelist criticized in Todos Somos Técnicos from the CDF.

Later, Schiappacasse continued: “On the one hand there is the example of Esteban Paredes, who went, took all the photos, exercised his right and was vocal. The ‘Chino’, on the other hand, was about to become the sports idol by marking a gesture. He traveled from the United States just to vote, because he believed that his opinion, his vote, his presence was important ”.

“He went to vote early, the table was not constituted, he feared they would leave him as a member and left. When he returned, he saw a queue and estimated that he was going to be insulted, when in the electoral processes whoever queues to vote and respects it rarely insults or is insulted. Why insult him when it was said that his gesture of going to vote was valued? It is something wasted, ”added the commentator.

After cardboard, Aldo Rómulo continued reviewing La Roja: “The other thing is the selection. In the middle of the outbreak, in November of last year, they decided not to play a game. In support of the social movement, they said it with all their letters and in a statement. A year later, this social movement is indicted like no other in the world in a plebiscite where the country votes the next Constitution.

“Apart from that, which has never been done elsewhere before, there is a process that starts backwards and culminates in some way now. In the beginning, the selection was. Let’s think well, that they did it from the heart, from the soul, to say ‘we want something to come’. But the moment to say it was now, when it culminated ”, added Schiappacasse.

Finally, the commentator continued to liquidate the National Team: “It seems to me that, except for Gary Medel, who said something through social networks, I did not see the great idols of Chilean soccer committed to this civic feat where they had a participation in the the beginning and wasted it now notably. The gesture from before was useless because now they did not appear.


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