Schiaretti asked not to support candidates who come from “the republic of Amba”

2023-09-24 23:51:10

The candidate for president of Hacemos por Nuestro País, Juan Schiaretti, participated this Sunday in the massive celebration organized by the Trade Employees Union of Córdoba, to commemorate his day next week.

The Cordoban leader was received by the general secretary of the union entity, Pablo Chacón; and he was accompanied by the national senator, Alejandra Vigo; and the vice mayor of Córdoba, Daniel Passerini.

Before more than 10,000 Commerce employees, Schiaretti spoke dressed as a presidential candidate. Without naming them, he criticized two of his rivals in the race to reach the Casa Rosada.

“There are other candidates from spaces that have already failed in management. Kirchnerism and Macrism already had the opportunity to govern and they failed. They brought the country to this situation. Humbly, I can show my efforts in Córdoba. Together with my friend and colleague José Manuel de la Sota we improve the quality of life of the people of Córdoba. Other candidates cannot say the same,” said Schiaretti, in obvious reference to the ruling party Sergio Massa and the Together for Change candidate, Patricia Bullrich.

Celebration. Schiaretti spoke at the Commercial Worker’s Day celebration. He was accompanied by Vice Mayor Daniel Passerini and Senator Alejandra Vigo.

The Córdoba presidential candidate almost did not refer to Javier Milei, the libertarian candidate, who according to all surveys is the best positioned. He repeated a definition he used in recent days.

Juan Schiaretti

“The only thing he can say is that his proposals do not apply in any country in the world,” he said as he passed over Milei. Without a doubt, the governor’s strategy is not to confront the Libertad Avanza candidate.

At the event held on the large grounds of the Commerce Guild, on the way to Alta Gracia, Schiaretti insisted on showing himself as the only candidate from the interior.

“I am proud to be from Córdoba and to be the only presidential candidate from the interior, who defends federalism. I ask the Commerce workers and all the people of Córdoba to support me on October 22. “We must stop voting for candidates who come from the Republic of Amba,” exclaimed the governor, raising a standing ovation among the Commerce workers.

The reference was that the other four presidential candidates, including Myriam Bregman, from the Left Front, are from the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (Amba).

Production and work

Before thousands of workers from the Commerce union, Schiaretti reiterated that his proposal is to generate work to “end subsidies.”

“We defend the culture of work and not the culture of subsidy. In order for there to be production and work, we do the infrastructure works. Because infrastructure works, in addition to serving the family, serve to increase production and work,” proposed the candidate for president of Hacemos por Nuestro País.

On the other hand, Schiaretti defended his provincial management, in which, according to him, the tax burden was lowered.

“Córdoba has the lowest taxes on commerce on average in all of Argentina, because we want there to be more commerce and there are more workers who are there earning bread for themselves and their families,” said Schiaretti in another part of his speech.

The man from Córdoba also referred to the tax reduction programs: “Córdoba changes small and medium-sized businesses in commerce, tourism, and services; new jobs due to tax cuts, because work is what we want,” he said.

Crew.  Schiaretti spoke as a presidential candidate at the massive celebration for Commercial Worker's Day.
Crew. Schiaretti spoke as a presidential candidate at the massive celebration for Commercial Worker’s Day. “Support a leader of the interior and defender of federalism,” said the governor.

In the last part of his speech, Schiaretti remarked that voting for the We Do for Our Country formula is “worth it,” given the preaching of candidates like Massa and Bullrich, who claim that voting for the governor is “losing your vote.”

Schiaretti campaign event

“That’s why I tell you, your vote counts, colleagues. We need your vote to make a normal country, just as our Córdoba is normal. A country of production and work, a country without inflation, a country that reduces insecurity, a country where you can study, where you can work and dream of progress, as we do in our Córdoba,” concluded the governor, while the head of the Commerce union greeted him as the “next president.”

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