Schlager: “Helene Fischer newly in love” – ​​G. G. Anderson now drops bomb

Schlager legend G. G. Anderson causes a tremor in the scene. The 70-year-old reveals a crazy rumor about Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer. Are you together again?

  • Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer were the dream couple of the German music scene
  • Now pop legend is chatting G. G. Anderson a crazy rumor
  • Are the two singers a couple again?

Eschwege – Quake in the hit scene! Altstar G. G. Anderson (70) reveals a crazy rumor about Florian Silbereisen (38) and Helene Fischer (35). * reports about it.

Pop star G. G. Anderson is actually called Gerd Grabowski

What would you do if you were Gerd Grabowski would have been born and aspired to a music career? Right, first change the name. Did the native Eschweger (Hessen) too, and so was the figure G. G. Anderson born. Gerd Grabowski saw the light of day on December 4, 1949, after completing secondary school, he did an apprenticeship as an electrician. Music had been the companion of the later pop star (The greatest German pop singer of all time *) from an early age.

G. G. Anderson (light suit) with fellow hits.


G. G. Anderson played as an adolescent in some less well-known bands, in 1973 he started his solo career. First as Alexander Marco, then as Tony Bell and finally from 1980 under the artist name known until today (the artist names of the pop stars and their real names *). His first hit is also his biggest Bat: “Mama Lorraine”. The song climbed to number ten on the German charts just a year after the renaming. The 70-year-old released 27 albums, including classics such as “What I want to tell you” (1985) and “No means yes” (2000). Meanwhile, Schlager fans are discussing whether the love drama for Michelle and daughter Marie-Louise is only fake, reports *,

G. G. Anderson released 27 hit albums

It was August 2008 – G. G. Anderson had released his album “Lebenslust” a year earlier – when Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer announced that they were a couple. It had a nicer story Batbranche (These are the biggest hit shows on German television *) rarely written. And from then on Flori and Helene moved from show to show, successfully making music and also as a moderator. Shortly before Christmas 2018, the shock: The popular couple announced their separation. But now G. G. Anderson reveals a crazy rumor about Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer, which should give hope to all Schlager fans. Meanwhile, a hit party escalated in Oberhausen, where a waitress made a blatant find in the toilet – * reports about it.

We remember: The “dream ship” captain was followed by Thomas Seitel, an acrobat from the team at Helene Fischer, The shot man showed greatness and wished his ex and his successor all the best. So separation in the good. Schlager fans were all the more delighted than Helene Fischer Florian Silbereisen at the “Beat Boom” surprised in November 2019 in front of running cameras.

Schlager legend G. G. Anderson fires crazy rumor

How reported now, there could be a love comeback of the two hit sizes. When shooting in the Caribbean are supposed to Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer have come closer again. The portal quotes G. G. Anderson, who fueled the crazy rumor: “I have been on the promotional trip for my new album in half of Europe for the past three months and have spoken to many colleagues. Some in the industry suspect that they are a couple again. ”

Is there a love comeback for Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer?

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And further: “I can imagine it and I would wish for it anyway. They were a perfect match and had a relationship at eye level – privately and professionally. Sometimes you need a break to find each other again. Helene fell in love again and saw what she had about Florian, and now she wants to go back to him, ”said Schlager legend G. G. Anderson about F
Lorian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer,

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