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Scholz raises mandatory vaccination for all citizens of Germany

Fans queue up to get vaccinated at a center outside a stadium before a Bundesliga match. / EFE

The virtual federal chancellor wants to limit the social life of the unvaccinated as much as possible

The virtual German Chancellor, the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz, defends the mandatory vaccination against the coronavirus of the entire population, aspires to inoculate 30 million doses by Christmas and is in favor of joining the campaign to inoculate them pharmacists, dentists and veterinarians . It is important that “we establish mandatory vaccination” through an “initiative that encompasses all parliamentary groups in the Bundestag,” Scholz said during a coronavirus health summit with acting federal chancellor Angela Merkel and the prime ministers of the 16 federal states, according to sources of the same.

The measure should begin “as soon as there is a real possibility that everyone is vaccinated at least twice, which could be achieved in early February,” said the politician who is expected to be sworn in as head of the German government next week. Scholz commented that the lower house deputies will be freed from party discipline and will vote according to their conscience whether or not to approve the mandatory vaccine.

“I, as a deputy and to make it completely clear, will give my approval,” said Merkel’s successor, who spoke of a “national task” in which it is necessary to show solidarity with the “highly infectious states.” German regions with low incidence rates will have to accept national restrictions even if they are not immediately necessary. He also stressed that to break the fourth wave of the coronavirus that currently affects Germany, 30 million vaccines must be administered until the Christmas holidays, including first, second and doses of soda. For this it is necessary to involve more professionals in the campaign such as pharmacists, dentists and veterinarians. “I understand that the Bundestag is ready to carry this forward” with the approval of new laws, Scholz said at the meeting, according to sources at the meeting. The participants agreed to meet again this Thursday to define concrete measures to combat the fourth wave of the pandemic.

Only for vaccinated

The next German head of government stressed that they will only have access to institutions, cultural and sports events and commerce that are not essential throughout the country vaccinated and healed, in part with a mandatory and negative supplementary test. In addition, “clear contact limitations” will be established for the unvaccinated. Those who have not been immunized against the virus can only have contact with people in their own home and two people outside their home, with the exception of children under 14 years of age. Olaf Scholz also warned against holding German football Bundesliga matches with full stadiums, as happened last weekend in several matches, and demanded that the use of masks be generalized in schools again.

Scholz also introduced the attendees to the head of the permanent crisis cabinet for the coronavirus that will be established in the Federal Chancellery, Lieutenant General Carsten Breuer, currently at the head of the Territorial Tasks Command of the Bundeswehr, German Army, responsible for coordinating the actions of the military in cases of national catastrophes. The first mission of the 56-year-old officer, already baptized as ‘General Corona’ by the media, will be to accelerate the vaccination campaign as much as possible.

Ómicron was already circulating in the Netherlands on November 19

More than 12,000 military health personnel under his command have already joined the vaccination campaign and in monitoring the chains of contagion in this country. Merkel’s official cabinet spokesperson, Steffen Seibert, had already announced this Monday that the crisis cabinet, an initiative of Scholz, will start working soon, before the new executive takes office.

In the virtual meeting by videoconference, the federal states ruled by the conservatives demanded drastic measures to isolate the unvaccinated, as well as the immediate closure of clubs and discos throughout the country, the limitation to one third of the capacity of sports stadiums and more powers to act in the event that infections soar in their regions. Germany is currently experiencing a sharp increase in infections with a national incidence of more than 450 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in a week, which in some regions of Saxony, Thuringia or Bavaria exceeds a thousand and in several districts even 2,000 cases. Germany also registers a high rate of citizens who are reluctant to be vaccinated. At the national level, less than 70% of the country’s inhabitants have been immunized so far.

Constitutional support

The German authorities have also received the green light for a drastic action during the pandemic at the national level from the Constitutional Court, which this Tuesday dismissed several lawsuits filed against the severe restrictions imposed last spring by the federal and state governments in this country when was affected by the third wave of the coronavirus.

The Constitutional Court approved the application of the so-called “emergency brake” which contemplated drastic limitations on personal contacts, the issuance of regional curfews or the closure of schools and the introduction of distance education, among other measures.


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