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Following the sanitary protocols and wanting to return to face-to-face classes, is how the students of the Secondary 50 “Lic. José F. Guajardo “ in this third week back to the educational facilities.

Abelardo Hernández, director of the secondary school, stated that the parents were very respectful of the instructions, arguing that they expect it to be a safe space for their children.

“We are witnessing this progress at school, because from an early hour it was noticed that the young people came excited and ready with their uniform, something that made us very happy.” “Well, we noticed that they came prepared just like the parents who arrived on time being very attentive to health indications, so we feel an advance because it is something significant for education,” he said.

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Principal Hernández, who continued to review the new order within the campus, expressed that the parents have helped to provide feedback, having a participation of over 60 percent.

He explained that currently the division of groups was with the letters A and B regardless of the grade, having an influx per classroom of a maximum of 15 students, giving a total of 160 students in these first two days of classes.

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