News School canteens: a disturbing junk food

School canteens: a disturbing junk food


Millions of students sit at the school canteen table every day, and parents more often have to take their word for it than the claims of the companies responsible for managing these community meals. And yet, since the publication, in 2018, of School canteens black book by Sandra Franrenet, scandals are increasing. School canteen is most often synonymous with “junk food”.

53 grams of meat served in place of the 60 grams in the contract, and these are the margins of these companies that fly away. And what about these purees, in which analyzes had found screws and metal ? This observation had caused the parents’ excitement last year. When a contract is signed, the promises of tempting meals are only based on the words of the company in charge of managing the canteen, and it is up to local authorities to verify compliance with the commitments made.

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Checks that are too random, except when the parents of students get involved

The controls, which are random and too few in number, would encourage unscrupulous managers to get rid of these agreements. Except when it is the parents of students who are mobilized to check the quality and especially the conformity of the meals served to their dear little blond heads. This is what a parents’ association did in the 18thth Paris arrondissement by… rummaging through the trash cans of their children’s school canteens.

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Industrial junk food

While the canteen has been committed for several years to serve only the Red label meat, certified organic and Made in France, these are packages of German meat, which were found in the trash. The private manager justifies himself by evoking human error and by affirming that the German meat was never served to the children, whereas the town hall decided to deepen the investigation. Parents have complained about “attempted deception“, Believing that”this findWould be only the visible part of the scandal of the school canteens….

In this same district, in 2018 parents of students had already rebelled against canteens that use processed products, hidden sugars, food additives, salt, preservatives and dyes. more!


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