Schools will open Monday; Education Minister says classes are only till noon News in Malayalam

THiruvananthapuram Education Minister V Sivankutty has said that the offline classes in schools in the state will start from Monday and will continue till noon only. He said the guideline issued before the schools reopened would continue. Classes one to nine will start tomorrow on the 14th.

He said it had not yet been decided whether to extend the classes till evening. He said a decision on the issue would be taken only after further deliberations. He also said that a meeting with higher education department officials would be held tomorrow in connection with the reopening of schools.

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In addition, it has been announced that a meeting will be held with the teachers’ unions on Tuesday. But not all children will get to school right away. All children will be sent to school only after the preparations are completed.

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The minister had yesterday said that schools which do not complete the lessons on time should be given extra classes to complete the lessons. If there is a learning gap, steps will be taken to fill it. The services of BRC Resource Teachers, SSK and Diet Teachers will be made available to students in hilly and backward areas for study assistance.

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Temporary teachers can be hired at the daily wage rate if learning is disrupted due to Kovid plague in teachers. Once a week, on a school-by-district basis, districts and districts should codify it and report to the Minister of Public Instruction and the Director of Public Instruction. There will be classes in offline and online form. Exam dates remain unchanged.

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