Schwyz government wants to limit anonymous donations to CHF 1,000

For political campaigns in the canton of Schwyz, a maximum of CHF 1,000 per year should be allowed to flow in anonymous donations. (Symbol image)

In the canton of Schwyz, parties for political campaigns should be allowed to accept a maximum of CHF 1,000 anonymous donations per year. The government council has corrected the transparency law at the behest of the federal court.

The law stipulated that the upper limit per anonymous donation could be CHF 1,000. The initiators of the transparency initiative defended themselves against this and were ruled by the Federal Supreme Court. This saw in the regulation a contradiction to the disclosure obligation, because anonymous donations could be split up.

The government council is now proposing the variant with an annual upper limit of CHF 1,000, as it announced on Friday. Anyone who receives more must donate the money to a charitable cause. The revised draft law is now being discussed, which will last until July 31st.

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