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Scientists have reported low efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine against the Brazilian strain of COVID-19. This is stated on website Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Researchers from France and Guiana found that the infectiousness of the Brazilian strain of coronavirus in vaccinated people reaches 60 percent. The scientific experiment involved 44 workers at a gold mine in Guiana. It is clarified that their average age was approximately 53 years. Of these, 25 were fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with Pfizer’s vaccine.

It was found that the Brazilian strain infected 15 out of 25 miners, that is, 60 percent who received both components of the drug.

Such a low effectiveness of the vaccine came as a surprise, experts said.

Scientists noted that about 87 percent of patients complained of various symptoms associated with the infection: fever and shortness of breath. The infection in the mine workers proceeded without serious complications, none of them required hospitalization.

Previously at the Research Center “Vector” reported about “isolated cases” of infection with the Brazilian strain of COVID-19 in Russia.

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