Scientific consensus – The four expert tips on anti-Covid vaccines

A panel of 65 specialists agreed on several strategic points of vaccination against the coronavirus. The FOPH will study its conclusions.

Blaise Genton, head of the Tropical Medicine, Travel and Vaccination Policlinic, at Unisanté, Lausanne.

ARC/Jean-Bernard Sieber

The announcement of several vaccines against Covid raises great hopes. But who will benefit first? How to bring down the resistances? And who will pay? Health authorities are busy to develop a deployment strategy which will be crucial in the fight against the pandemic. Unisanté, the university medical centere general and public health, in Lausanne, called on 65 experts from all over Switzerland to come to them ahere. At the end ofa process of rIt iscollective flexion, cthe specialists in vaccinology, pediatrics, internal medicine or geriatrics, in particular, have reached a consensus on several key points.

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